Our products have become a symbol of quality, thanks to the dedicated efforts of our Quality Control Department. Our Quality Control Department is equipped with state of the art and hi-tech equipment that ensures the very best quality of our products.  The quality control department is driven by commitment to consistent quality and total quality management.

Our plan is to achieve highest level of quality accreditation for our products and facility including US FDA, EMA, WHO and MHRA. Our products are manufactured as per the Current Good Manufacturing Practices (CGMP). We have a systematic monitoring and evaluation of products and its efficiency which include regulation of raw material, products and its components, services related to production and management and Inspection processes. Winthrox Laboratories Private Limited puts a premium on developing collaborations with like-minded companies with values and business strategies similar to Winthrox Laboratories Private Limited’s for the eradication of disease. Molecule Holders, Licensors and Distributors with relationships in Europe, South America, North America, Japan, China and other large markets can access vast untapped markets in South Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa that comprise our regions of operation.

Our business partners receive end-to-end solutions for their operations.

Our comprehensive quality assurance system ensures cGMP compliance, validation, stability studies, documentation, health & safety etc. We make sure that

while attaining the highest quality standard, environmental health and safety is not compromised.